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InPulse is a handy and multifunctional personal healthcare assistant.

Besides its main feature, heart rate tracking, the app allows users to journal such vitality indicators as blood pressure and oxygen saturation, receive heart-friendly nutrition ideas, and improve their mental and emotional well-being

by following wellness advice and self-care practices.  

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Key Features  


  • Heart rate measurement with a fingertip and camera

  • Blood pressure and oxygen saturation logging 

  • Health indicators journaling and monitoring 

  • Daily health assessment and lifestyle advice 

  • Habit tracker to develop healthy habits 

  • Mental health tests to check inner well-being 

  • ​​Self-love program to strengthen the mind-body connection  

  • DASH-oriented meal ideas  

  • Apple Health integration 

Use Cases 


InPulse provides convenient solutions for several physical and mental health tasks, be it staying acknowledged of your key vital signs and monitoring your cardiovascular and respiratory systems’ general conditions, keeping on track of your psychological well-being, or seeking tips and insights to embrace a healthier and happier lifestyle. 

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